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95% of back pain is a result of a slipped disc. The spine consists of 24 bones called vertebrae which sit on top of one another to form a column. Each vertebra has a cylindrical body in front with a wishbone-like structure sticking out behind forming the knobbly bits that can be felt down the backbone. Cradled within the arms of the wishbone is the spinal cord which carries nerve messages up and down from the brain to all parts of the body. In between every vertebra in the spine is a cushion of jelly (the disc) which acts as a shock absorber and cushions each and every step. When the disc bulges backwards it traps the nerve where it leaves the spinal canal and causes pressure and pain. Once the disc is on the move what we do with the spine changes what happens to the disc. Sitting on an easy chair like a banana allows it to bulge backwards further and cause more pain. See Referred pain, Back pain, Sciatic nerve.


Treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation and the Mackenzie Exercise Regime reduces the tension around the spine and changes the mechanics of the disc helping it to return to the normal position and resolve the problem.